My name is Carlos and I love numismatics, or as some people call this hobby: coin collecting.

Mundo moneda is a blog dedicated to the exciting world of numismatics and collecting ancient and modern coins.

When I decided to create Mundo Moneda I was slowly getting interested in coin collections, and discovering many interesting things, but I noticed that quality information on the Internet is scattered and often difficult to find.

Experts know where to look for information on old coin collections.

But what about those who are just getting started in numismatics.

They have a harder time finding this quality information because coin collection experts do not always have the knowledge of search engine optimization, to position quality content on Google.

This is where I decided to combine my work, SEO expert, with this new hobby, collecting old coins.

I hope you will find in this blog everything that will help you get started in the art of coin collecting. However, if your interest is different, sell, exchange or market in any way collectible coins, then this blog is also for you.

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